Monday, 30 January 2012

Five take: Interview

So, if you had an interview tomorrow and had no time to go to the shops to buy something to wear, what would you wear from your wardrobe?

This was the challenge that was posed to us Fivetake lot this week by Claire. Thanks Claire ;)

Five take is where NicoleRebeccaClaire ,Becky and I all take a theme or item of clothing and wear it in our own way. 

I was actually in the process of ridding myself of my old Evans suit. A pair of black trousers, and a black jacket with white thread detail. I bought it in a rush when I first came over to the UK. Arrived on the Wednesday, interview on the Monday and a quick trip to Lakeside to find something to wear. The jacket never really fitted probably (boobs too big and arms too long), but it did the trick. It's going to charity. The trousers are ok, but a bit baggy and not really a great fit or the kind of trousers that make me feel fab.

That was almost four years ago. When I went for my next interview I can't remember what I wore - although it wasn't that suit.

So what would I wear now? Well now that my sole purpose in dressing isn't to disguise my size,  I would wear something that made me feel powerful, was dressy without showing boobage, professional without being too corporate.

I believe that your interview outfit should match the environment you are going to work in. If you are going for a creative job then a suit or anything too corporate is probably the kiss of death. Wearing converse and your favourite vintage t-shirt, likewise, won't work if applying for work in a bank or conservative workplace.

I work in sort of the public sector, in a professional role (how's that for vague?). No suits, but dressy casual required. The only people to wear suits are the men in upper management. The rest of us vary between dresses/trousers and even jeans if we think we can get away with it (and have no meetings).
So, what do you think? Would it suit an interview where you work?

More importantly, would you give me the job? ;)

Dress: Basque, from David Jones in Australia. Size 22
Boots: Wallis stretch boots. 
Fake pearls: Monsoon.
Black vest: bodyshaper thing from NZ. 


  1. You're hired!!! (I think I quite fancy you too LOL) looking great!! You look confident and comfortable which hopefully would go part way to getting a job should you be interviewing!! X x

    1. Cheers luv ;) It was bought when I hated dresses but luckily didn't throw it away. Feeling very Special K in it :)

  2. When you said on Twitter that your OH had questioned your choice, I was imagining you in your blue furry boots and jeans :) but THIS I love! You look really professional and as I said in mine it injects a bit of your personality. The dress is a really good fit on you. I would most definitely hire you.

    1. Thanks! I think OH thinks suits are the only thing you can wear... which is weird as he wears a suit to interviews for jobs he later turns up to in combat trousers and tshirts!

  3. Awesome! You look confident, professional but stylish. I approve.

  4. Thanks! After today's work day when I wasn't even at work I might be looking for another job ;)

  5. I'd hire you! You look AMAZING in that dress. Love the choice of red.

    I wouldn't wear a suit to an interview where I work - it is much (much, much) more low key than that. I could probably be swayed for a bigger corporate design job (what I want to do as a career after I graduate) but ugh, I should probably start looking for something that fits now...

    Dressing "smart" I think can substitute for a suit these days, for women anyway. For men, trousers, button down shirts and suits still seem to be the standard.

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