Sunday, 22 April 2012

Five take Maxi Dresses - Redemption?

This week it's Maxi Dresses. I have two. Well, technically I have always thought I have one as this dress I'm wearing today has always been in the 'too hard' and 'oh god how the hell do I make this work?' pile.

I bought this from Ebay just after I arrived in the UK. I love the fabric and from the boobs down it is fine, but it's always been a horror story from the boobage up. I have tried different length straps, different strap positions (it was briefly a halter neck) and still it was flappy, too revealing and just wrong.

Then I decided for this challenge I would try to make this work, or resign it to be a very large dish-cloth. Or cut the top off and make it a skirt.

So, here is my attempt. Firstly I decided it needed something under it to hide where it doesn't cover my bra, or my lady-lumps. I liked the mesh sleeves on this top and the detailing sort of hides the horror story of the top bit.

Dress - Next
Top - Ann Harvey
Shoes - Havaianas

My innocent booby look

And then I thought, let's just hide the top entirely. Bad ass(ish) look:

Dress as above
Jacket - Evans (from fat swap)

And probably my fav look, although I don't like this jacket really and I have bought another denim jacket because of that. Seeing the two together, I think this works. 

So, has the dress redeemed itself? I think so. I think I will wear it this summer, probably with a substantial vest top either under or over it (to make it into a skirt) and with a jacket (and given the current weather layering is the best way to go!!!!!!).

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  1. I like the middle one mainly because the jacket used to be mine :-).

    But overall I like them all! Even the booby look - I have similar issues.

    1. It's turning into a bit of a circle of life thing with us and jackets!

  2. Ha!! I love the bad ass look, would be even better with some biker boots for full on rarrrr!! As for innocent booby look? switswooooo!!!

    I love the denim, I fought every urge in my body not to put my denim jacket on for mine, you know how I feel about a denim jacket!
    You've definitely pulled it off!!

    1. Thanks, I am a late comer to denim jackets but they are great! This one will next be seen worn by Monkey!

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