Friday, 24 August 2012

Plus size swimsuit review: Fantasie Montreal Swimsuit

I was very kindly given this swimsuit to review as part of the swimsuit review series that has also included suits from Tescos and Evans.

It's the Montreal swimsuit by Fantasie, available either direct from their website or a number of online retailers both in the UK and USA.


A very swish and stylish looking suit I think you will agree:
Not me

It's got lovely patterned black fabric at the top, and plain further down and little details on the straps. It's expensive looking and I would be happy to wear it any time, both casual swimming and when I was trying to look cool by the poolside with international jetsetters (ok, that doesn't happen much!).


Unlike the other suits I have tried, this technically isn't a plus size suit, or brand, as the sizings are in cup sizes rather than dress sizes.

I was intrigued about how the fit would be and although I wear a 40GG bra normally I erred on the side of caution and ordered 42GG.

In terms of boobage it fit really well, they felt safe, encased and secure. The fit over the rest of it was firm but not uncomfortable, it didn't ride up or get uncomfortable with swimming. It was a firm fit though, and getting it on was a slight struggle as you are basically trying to put on a done up bra over your hips!

Excellent. I wore this under my clothes to the swimming pool yesterday and very comfortable as a body suit!


Body wise, everything was covered and as I said above my boobs were secure and well positioned. Like wearing a very good bra that happens to be a swimsuit. Very impressed.


I went swimming in this at a friend's pool and it was fabulous. It even survived my daughter holding on and trying to pull it down and also hide duckies in it (this can be disastrous in a less well fitting suit - hello world see my boobies!)


It's currently on sale, and while it is by no means cheap (and certainly the most expensive I have reviewed) I would say it is worth every penny. It makes you feel like a million dollars!


In conclusion, the different fabrics make it more exciting than a plain black suit, it fits well and great for those with bigger chests. I seriously wouldn't go back to wearing a suit that didn't come in different cup sizings like this one, and will buy from this company again now I know the sizings.

Overall rating: 9/10

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