Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 12: Two minimalist months... changing habits

Well... 12 days of August down and I can say that I have been rather busy. Not buying clothes I have to say, although it's not like I haven't been spending.

My shopping has included garden stuff (plants, pots and spouting bits), anti-inflammatories for an arthritic husky (she is now 5 years younger I swear!), and the normal weekly shopping that we all have to do.

I have made some significant progress with my 'challenges'. With minimal pain I managed to list 4 things on ebay and gained £50 into my Paypal pot. In theory this is to be spent on ebay on clothes, but in practice I don't know if I will bother spending the whole amount. Too busy discovering my current wardrobe.

I have bought something new though, and I am allowing it under the  'ebay' rule as I bought a cardi from Claire. I have adored this since I first saw it in the H&M Inclusive collection, and she was about to  put it on ebay (*cough* let me have this one ok? ;)

As for my voucher challenge, well I turned some points at Boots into a great necklace for £2, but my attempts to buy a shirt from Tescos didn't turn out as well.

I changed my £5 Clubcard vouchers into £10 of Tesco's clothing credit (a great deal, do it!), but the Ann Harvey shirt I bought had promise but was weird fitting and strange material - like it was meant for a tent inner?

Repeat after me: somethings are on sale for a reason, somethings are on sale for a very very good reason!

The making itself challenge: well, I have decided I want a skirt and am looking at patterns on line and fabric. Will keep you updated :)

And lastly, it took me ages to delete all my clothing emails that I was receiving. So many companies I had signed up to! Not missed I have to say.

How am I feeling? Great to be honest, spent the last few days in a sweaty haze of manual labour that has bought me more satisfaction than most things I have ever bought (wanna come see my new fence?). Moving away from old habits can be refreshing, even if the bank account isn't any healthier!

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  1. You're a stronger woman than me Gina!! One day at a time... I might join you one day! x