Thursday, 2 August 2012

#2Minimalist Months: Day 2 - Removing Temptation

Email is a wonderful thing. It can keep you in contact with friends and family throughout the world, and alert you to events and items of interest.

What mine tends to do at the moment is send me lots and lots and lots and lots of emails from retailers (mostly clothing) tempting me with their great deals and %75 off and exhorting me to buy their wares.

Well no more.

I've never been great at resisting temptation (the size of my bottom can testify to that), but it's made harder if you continually get what you are attempting to resist thrust in your face all day and every day. Luring you with their siren songs of huge percentages off, new arrivals!, wonderful clothes that will make you cooler/appear thinner/styler/more popular and all those other benefits that capitalism is supposed to bring.

It must end.

So I am unsubscribing from ALL THE EMAILS. Goodbye Dorothy Perkins, Gap, Monsoon, New Look, Evans, Yours, Curvety, Debenhams, BHS, H&M (sob), Kew and all the rest. Farewell. Darken my (virtual) door no longer. Be gone temptation!!!!


  1. Emails always get me when I'm trying to save money the call of the sale is strong! Xx