Sunday, 8 January 2012

Five take: Boots

Five take is where Nicole, Rebecca, Claire ,Becky and I all take a theme or item of clothing and wear it in our own way. This week I had the chance to choose what we did and I went for Boots.

After living for so long without being able to find any leather boots that fitted me, the fact that I now own a pair brings a smile to me face every day.

It also means that I feel able to wear skirts and dresses that I wouldn't want to wear with just tights and shoes. Also means I can wear ultra comfy leggings and thick warm socks without discovery (not a good look with ballet flats).

The outfit I have chosen is one that I was complimented on by a neighbour of mine. She said that she saw me one day wearing it and was like 'WOW! I love the boots and skirt!'. It was the nicest feeling. People have said nice things about my jewellery (a bit of an obsession of mine) but as a fat girl living with thin friends and work colleagues I don't often get things said about the clothes that I wear. I sometimes get told 'ooh that's flattering', but it's not really a compliment that thrills the heart

So, anyway. This is me wearing boots. They are from Evans, as is the skirt (a season or so ago on sale). The black under top is from H&M and cardi thing is from New Zealand (Max brand - only thing in the store that ever fitted me I think). Earrings are a new buy and from New Look, as is the ring. Scarf also H&M. Rocking the stripes and spots :)


  1. Fabulous outfit! Really like the skirt. Also the boots - are they this year?

  2. Looking good Ms G, love a bit of monochrome!! The earrings are so, so beautiful too!!xx

  3. Love this look from the earrings to the boots!I really like the stripes and dotted print combo!

  4. this outfit is lovely on you Gina and the happiness on your face - you know you're looking good and feeling confident! x

  5. Oooh, great outfit lovely and I entirely agree that there's total and utter va-va-voom radiating from you...foxy!

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Have no idea how to response individually using blogger I'm afraid!
    The boots are from this year, sold out now I think but got them for £69 on sale so rather pleased!
    The expression on my face is probably due to my SIL taking the photo instead of husband and the fact we were struggling to keep huskies and toddlers out of the pic!
    THanks again for your comments, makes me feel like blogging is worthwhile!

  7. Simply stated, she looks hott.