Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, new shopping!

Happy New Year! With all that time I've saved myself by not making resolutions I've been shopping :)

Go down any street at the moment and the shop windows are covered in sale posters. I have tried to be strong (not really) but have picked up a few things over the last week or two. No huge spurge but I CANNOT RESIST A BARGAIN.

So, to begin (and apologies for the crap photos but in most cases I took them as part of my buying process - i.e. it looks ok when I'm looking in the mirror but maybe a photo will show it differently!)

This dress is from Sainsburys, cost me £6.60 and is a size 22 (the largest size they do). Note my complete lack of commitment for trying on things properly - I've still got my jeans and trainers on from my dog walk! LOVE the pattern, so while it's a little more fitting than I would usually buy and perhaps the shape isn't as 'flattering' as some others on me, I bought this baby! Will dress it up and do a post on it and get your opinion on whether I can pull it off!

These boots are from the Next sale. Were £65 and bought them for £25. Now I love the leather, but they are a wide fit (I didn't actually realise that when I ordered them). I have wide calves, but not wide feet so they feel a bit roomy. I think some thick socks should sort it out though as for that price I was not going to let these puppies go.

This top above is my latest purchase. Was back at work today and I happen to work in the middle of town... and I went for a walk. Big mistake! Wandered into Gap and found this. Oh yes, it's patterned. I seem to be developing rather a thing for hectic, frantic patterns. I just love it, and it was on sale for £9.95. Got to love a Gap sale! Already thinking of what I can wear it with, in both summer and winter. Quite like it with the black top under it. It's a size XL.

And this is what I was wearing today, also new. A bit of a change for me in that it is both round necked (and I have big boobs so don't normally wear them) and it's loose. Baggy. Tent like. It is also made of an angora mix, has side pockets and is incredibly warm and comfy to wear. It is also long enough to wear with just leggings underneath. It's from H&M's standard range and was £9 in their sale. It's a size 22-24. I'll say it again - while their BiB range sucks the big one (excuse my French) H&M do a number of great items in XL size. You do have to buy online but have been impressed so far with the sizing and great for basics that are much more expensive at plus size stores.

So, apart from a necklace or two, that is my shopping haul. What have you been buying and what stores would you recommend fat fashion lovers have a look at for bargains?


  1. I really like the way you've style that patterny gap top! Loving the ring and the black top underneath!

    I agree, and this isnt because I work for one, that supermarkets are fab places to pick up plus size bargains. Usually they're much more generous on sizing (I can fit in a 24 in Asda, not tried anything in Tescos or Sainsburys yet (and shame on me for the latter!)), and quite cheap too.

    But I also like the good old standards - New Look, Yours, Simply Be. Asos does stuff I love, and usually alot in the sale too. Talking of New Look, I bought a coral coloured blouse and stripy top with coloured flecks...both of which are potential Plus London Two outfits and a navy polka dot dress from Yours....

    My best bargain was getting some pyjamas from New Look for next to nothing....they always bring some out for christmas, but no-one ever buys them, so I just pop along in the sales and snap them up....they're a size 24 all over.....even on my bottom half! *gets excited when its probably just because they're pjs*

  2. Nice.. Thanks for sharing those photos. I've done a lot of New Year shopping too, but it's online. I've checked out a lot of pretty plus size clothing for women. Might interest you. You should check them out too.