Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A fat girl's guide to shoes...

Now the cliche that if you are having a fat day (or in my case a fat life) then shoes are the easy buy, the one purchase that isn't going lead to tears and recriminations at the end of the shopping trip.

Lots of fat clothing stores sell wide fit shoes. But is it that easy to find shoes that suit and fit the fat girl? And more importantly can we walk in them?

I see lots of lovely curvy lasses wearing heels, especially in blogs. And my first thought is they look nice, promptly followed by can they walk more than 10 metres in them without pain? Maybe I'm weird but I prefer to wear shoes that aren't like water boarding for my tootsies.

My biggest issue is that I get burning on the balls of my feet if I wear heels. It must be the weight impacting on one small area causing friction burns, but even inserts don't seem to help. Plus I always have a fear I look like a hippo in stilettos. Big legs, tiny feet.

As for wide shoes, does being fat mean having wide feet? The only time I struggle is to get sandals with straps across the front of the toes. The width from my little toe to my big toe just seems too wide, but all other wide shoes are like boats on me. Sigh :(

So I spend my time in trainers (see previous post re Asics), jandals, ballet flats and nice flat sandals for work. Although my new (well new to me as I got them from Oxfam brand new) wedge sandals could be a new turn for me. Photos one day soon!

Anyone else have any shoe misery stories to share or am I the only flat shoe wearing fatty out there!!!?!

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  1. Oh yes, I indeed feel your pain when it comes to shoes...I've just about managed to wear mid-sized heels if I'm going on one of those rare nights out, but for the most part its flats. No, not all fat women have wide, large feet...just as all fat women do not have large boobs. But I've one foot a whole half a width size small than the other, and my feet and only a 8 and 8 1/2 half respectively, so I generally try to shop for shoes other than specialist shops just so I can feel like at least one part of my body isnt abnormal, although that sometimes means I end up in a 9.

    I think for the most part fashion retailers go with the average, and that average is assumed to be that if you're overweight, you will be a certain height, boob and foot size...although obviously they stock more than just average...for example I struggle with trousers as I'm 5ft but my legs arent particularly long...so I usually end up with too long a leg unless they stock different leg lengths.

    But I think shoes are the hardest thing to get right..as you said, its a hard truth to face, but our feet do have more pressure on them, so either its flats for comfort and practicality, or accepting that you're going to have very sore feet the day after a session of heel wearing!