Saturday, 11 June 2011

Life and Fashion: why I just don't have time for stilettos

I am an avid fan of fashion shopping in my lunch hour and online fashion porn (ASOS and all those other delish online shopping sites) but the cold hard reality is that I have a life where high heels, going-out-for-cocktails dresses and beautiful sequined blazers just aren't going to get used that often!

To explain my fashion choices I need to explain my life I suppose. I work at a university. This should tell you something about the sort of clothes that I need to wear to work. It's not a high fashion environment. The only people who wear suits are the corporate manager men and the HR women. I'm neither so get away with nice jeans and top if no meetings and trousers and nice top if I do have to venture away from the safety of my computer.

Thing is though I only work 2 1/2 days a week and the rest of the time is divided between being a Yummy Mummy (or my personal take on the YM thing which is Mummy with a big Tummy cause I ate everything that was Yummy) and a dog walker. With a bit of occasional lunch or dinner out with the husband, DIY and gardening thrown in for extra fashion opportunities.

YM time is all coffees and playing on swings so is mostly jeans, nice knit wear and shirts. Ballet flats or converse like trainers. I just feel in love with some Cath Kidson trainers. That should tell you something. I live in a village and go shopping in a small market town which is all barbour, Hunter and boden territory. Or in my case last season's Monsoon, Gap and Evans jeans.

See why the stilettos don't get much of an outing?

I do try and dress a little bit on trend I must admit and my favourite items to spend serious money on are jewelry, bags and shoes. Clothes wise I don't really do ruffles or girly things or indeed dresses (I have been told my legs are better in trousers - e.g. massive). Colour I like in bits but in the main I tend to like white, black, beige with colour thrown in.

A limited budget also plays a part but let's face it - being a size 26 I'm never going to be tempted to fling all my salary on a couture dress as I CAN'T FIT INTO THEM. I have drooled over Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags but some how I'm conflicted. Firstly won't they look a bit over the top with my New Look trousers and H&M t-shirt? And secondly in the case of Chanel et al why should I give a company my money when they don't even bother to make clothes that fit me? Ok, so I'm poor anyway but it would be nice to dream! Perhaps one day when I finally stop paying for child care and have some extra cash I should buy two of their dresses and sew them together. Or maybe three. I'll have to check their sizings.

Here endth the rant. And here are some of the Labels I Do Love:

Havaianas. Wear them and your feet will love you all summer. Currently rocking the fit ones that have straps at the back so I don't trip over them while chasing the toddler.

Asics. Do brilliant trainers for walking/running in. Would never buy anything else.

Take Care x

Coming soon: posts on being fat fashion and exercise (probably titled why am I the only fat one walking my dog???) and photos. Really. I promise. I have a new flash phone so I can upload easily.

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  1. see, I'm in agreement with the stillettos thing...I dont have a job that allows me to wear my own shoes atm, but if I did, I'd be wearing flats.

    However, if money allowed it to be so, I'm a great believer in that if you've got fantastic accessories, then it doesnt matter whether your clothing comes from Primark or Prada. I'm more of a bag than a shoe girl, which helps when shoes are a difficult thing to find to fit. I dont own any designer bags, but I certainly try to buy as high end high street as I can, because it makes me feel better that I could never ever fit in clothes in those places. Not to mention my magpie eye for jewellery, I've been known to wander off for that ;p

    At the end of the day, its never about how you wear it, its about how you carry it off.