Monday, 16 May 2011

Cheaper than lunch...

There's goes another resolution not to buy any more clothes... happened to stop off at Gap on my lunch break as they currently have a sale on. Now I do love Gap clothes but must admit that I tend to wait for sales to come along as you can get some great bargins. Like these fab tshirts.

Bought them in the mauve and the grey for the instore price of £2.99 each. Yup £2.99. That is like a cheap lunch (and as I have a work lunch on Wednesday so won't have to buy my own that was my excuse for buying them!).

I find even as a UK 26 that their XL t's and soft cotton tops fit me fine. Thinking they will look great with my wide legged dark denim trousers from Very, or my cropped chinos from New Look.

And while we are on the topic of shopping I had a peek at Monkey's great blog and the pics from Evan's new range. Looks fab, really looking forward to the range appearing in my local Evans and on their website. Only thing is why does their website make everything look awful? There is something about the way they photo the clothes that makes me completely uninspired. Maybe they need to use real models instead of their current plastic fantastic. What ever the issue is they need to sort it out!

Oh and another wee hint to Evans. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I love arylic. Please please please some natural wool in their winter wear!!!

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  1. two things that I just have to comment on...whilst my bottom half is resoundedly a 28 for the time being, my top half is a 26, so I'm definitely going to go check out Gap...any place that isnt Evans or New Look would definitely be nice for a change!

    Secondly, I totally agree that the Evans website is sub standard....I'm pretty famillar with the brand as I've been shopping with them for about 12 years, but I'll have seen stuff in the store, and then see it on the site and be meh. When you compare that site to Arcadia's other sites...TopShop, Oasis, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, it makes you wonder if they didnt bother giving Evans the same sort of budget when it comes to web design....not user friendly nor particularly inspiring in my book.