Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Plus Size Swimwear Challenge - Tesco

 I was lucky enough for Tesco to send me this swimsuit to review, thanks to the work of blogger Becky. Please see the swim suit reviews of the other brave bloggers Sara, Mhairi and of course Becky

I can't say that swimming is my favourite exercise, but having a three year old means that we go swimming often because she enjoys it (and so do I). I'm just not the kind of swimmer that pounds out 50 laps a day!

The suit I have reviewed has been put through its paces in an intensive toddler swimming session (there was doggy paddling and everything).


I like the look of this suit. It's plain, but the top has ruching detailing and the colour is lovely (I purposely avoided a black suit). The side cords on the legs are useful as they do actually do something, and a nice visual feature. It does sit a little lower than I expected around the leg (it looks higher cut in the pictures). It's a modest cut, but not the most exciting in the world. It has cute little silver details on the straps. These could be easily removed, but I liked the detailing.

I felt good in it, but I don't think it made my figure look better than it is - but it also didn't make me look any worse! 


The suit is true to size (this is a 26). 


Very comfortable to wear, although as this is a one piece there is little real chance of movement. Nice thick material, not as thin as some I have worn before. No worries about going see-through when wet! The front is double lined for privacy and comfort.


My bottom was securely hidden, my boobs less so I have to say. I do have large boobs (a G-GG cup), so the poor suit did have a lot to cope with. If you are happy to show your assets then this shouldn't be an issue. Those who are a little shyer may wish to take this into account when buying. The suit has built in cups and these would work for those with smaller cup sizes and probably mean less was on show.


I took this suit to the pool after taking the pics. In fact I wore it under my clothes and have to say that it gave me a nice shape under my clothes, so would work well as a layer under a sun dress for the beach or pool. 

In the pool - well it stood up to playing with the toddler and gentle swimming. There was a slight bit of frontal readjustment, but not too much (and some of that was due to my daughter shoving a rubber ducky down my cleavage for 'safe keeping'!).

No wear or tear on the fabric and it washed really well. I think this suit is going to last a long time.


Excellent! This suit is £14 which is a complete bargain I think.  A great investment. I would be very tempted to buy this in black as well if I was going on holiday where I needed a couple of suits. I would look lovely under a sun dress or cover up.

And now, the pictures... (gulp):

My front. Boobies!

Me, with pink wrap for extra contrast, and indeed protection!

Worn with wrap


  1. Love the colour of tjis suit you look fabulous. X x

  2. If you're an Orca, you're the prettiest, sexiest one I've ever seen! xx

  3. Oh an also as you reminded me, check out the fabulous rack here too :)

  4. This is stunning on you and what a great colour hon.

    I hear you about the boobage. I am an F-G so get the issue with having "big girls!". I swim loads as exercise and don't rekon I could wear this one doing laps without REALLY distracting any oncoming swimmers.. but for an every day/holiday style suit this looks amazing. And you look SO fab in it.

  5. You look fab! Look at that cleavage! I'm off to investigate swimwear now. Great post x

  6. Loving that cleavage! The suit is really flattering on you and I admire you wearing a swimsuit. I would never have thought to look at Tesco for swimwear. In past few years I've bought my suits from Simply Be and ASOS.

  7. It looks so good on you!! The colour is great too. I LOVE this challenge, so glad we're doing it!! xx

  8. Looking fab, missus! I really do think that your body frame suits the swimsuit better than mine...I still maintain that it needs ample boobage to fill it....and I think that its designed to be a holiday suit, hence it not being overly supportive in the boob area for those of bigger busts!

    But you look amazing!

  9. you look very nice your curves look perfect in this bikini and i like the colour