Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fat And Fit

Firstly apologies for no fivetake this week. Ironically I am actually at the seaside in Dorset but no pics forthcoming I'm afraid as of yet, although some may still, be taken of me looking suitably nautical.

What I have been doing is walking through muddy fields and up soggy hills. I love walking and one of my best ever bargain buys were these boots from millets for £7.99 on sale.

Walking attire in such weather and conditions can be challenging. Jeans get soaked and yucky in seconds, I haven't tried finding water proof trousers in my size. Leggings tho are my new fav walking attire. They are comfy, dry quickly and can be worn shorter so they miss most of the muck. These are from nz actually but any brand would be fine. I don't do leggings as pants so thus the denim skirt, which also provides pockets.

As for the jacket, well you can take the girl out of kiwi land, but I well always love polarfleece. This is another bargain - £7 from Sainsbury. Photo hopefully in next post!

So this is my walking look. Not stylish but very me!

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