Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas eve eve

To celebrate Christmas, sans toddler who had the day at nursery, Mr Eclectica and I went out for lunch at a place that has been one of our favourites since moving just outside Cambridge a couple of years ago.

View from table. Not a nice day.

Me, bad hair and sitting Buddha like.

We like going out to eat, but what makes a place a pleasure to visit isn't just the food but the environment. The restaurant is a converted mill in a small village. A little bit shabby, but in summer the gardens more than make up for it. Unfortunately on a damp and wintery day the environs weren't that enticing and the food wasn't up to its usual standard. The staff were brilliant though and we had a lovely chat and a laugh. Definitely a lovely and calm way to start the Xmas period!

(Please note that just after lunch I was off to get my hair done so please excuse the bad hair and any 'natural' highlights peeking through at the roots.)

In a time not that long ago my 'go to' outfit was always jeans or if it was a dressy affair, trousers (black). Somehow over the last few months this has changed. If I need to get dressed in a hurry and am heading out somewhere that doesn't involve mud and huskies then I find myself reaching for my denim skirt or a dress. So for my lunch and hair appointment I wore this..

Me wearing Wallis cardi, Primark shirt, M&S skirt, Primark leggings and Evans boots
Not sure about the cardi to be honest, but didn't want to wear a coat and wanted something that wasn't black or hid my shirt too much. The shirt is Primark. Yes I know they don't do plus sizes but sometimes the styling of certain clothes means that they can work on fat bodies. Love the colour of this and for £8 I'm happy I took the chance and tried this on in the store.

As for the skirt, really glad I bought this from M&S. It's a size 26, good length, thick stretch denim and with a button fly. Great quality for £25.

And as for New Year's Eve, what will I be wearing? PJ's most likely. After going out every NYE since age 17 I'm staying home, although maybe not sober!

Happy New Year!


  1. You look fab! I really like the cardigan and I seriously need to check out primark!

  2. I like your outfit and you're right, the skirt looks the perfect length.

    Happy 2012 to you:)

  3. I wish I could find a nice top like that in Primark (sighs) x