Sunday, 18 December 2011

Festive Fivetake

Well I'm a bad bad blogger because I hadn't read my email properly and so didn't realise that we were doing something today to kick off fivetake. In the end though I went for something that I got recently. Well, I didn't get 'it' as such.

What I found was a great pure wool heavy fabric jacket that I loved, but with no stretch at all. While this didn't matter in the body of the garment it meant that the sleeves did not fit. AT ALL. As in, couldn't bend my arms when it was on, and it was also making the back feel like it was too tight across the back. But I couldn't leave it sitting there so I took a risk. Not a huge risk mind as it was thrifted and £7.

I bought it, took it home and simply cut off the sleeves right at the top where they joined the jacket. Hand hemmed it and then fell in love. Love the pink band, love the fabric and love the fact I can play Mary Mother of Jesus if I so choose to.

So why is this my festive look? Well I don't do Xmas tree earrings, but I do warm and toasty (which this is). I also think the festive season isn't just about what you spend, but what joy things you buy or are given bring you. This top is the perfect example of that.

Jeans are from Evans (note visible tummy!), under top from H&M and shoes from Next. These shoes have been to two Xmas parties so very festive too! And the jacket? Think it is by a small designer and bought by someone who obviously liked the idea of it, but then realised it wasn't really them as it was unworn when I bought it.

I still have the sleeves in case anyone needs some :)

Now go see how Rebecca, Monkey (otherwise known as Claire), Becky aka Mrs BeBe and Nicole, the owner of  A Well Rounded Venture have interpreted this theme!


  1. Gorgeous, Love the hood!! xx

  2. I love it! When I'm tired I wear my cocoon cardi over my head like that! Makes me feel warm and snuggly. Also - where is the stomach on show??!

  3. That's awesome that you were able to rework the piece into something that fit your style and body. I need to do this with some items in my closet! Also BRAVO! on the 5 minute dressing :)

  4. I love what you did with the jacket and repurposing it to suit your needs. I wish I did more of that... but my "to do" DIY projects tend to languish in a pile!