Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Not that I'm buying clothes...

but if I was ;)

Then these little beauties are what I would be spending my cash on..

This skirt from Jibri is utterly divine. It's not cheap at around £90 but it would be a classic in your wardrobe for years to come.

This next dress is a brilliant buy from Anna Scholz and I have seriously had to restrain myself from buying it right now. I am being good though and just going to hope it still there at the end of September (so don't buy them all world please!). It's a complete bargain too as it is now only £49, reduced from £159. Love the colour, the pattern of the fabric and the shape. I can see myself wearing this in summer at something dressy, and also dressed down with cute flat sandals and denim. GET IN MY WARDROBE (soon).

I am also drooling over this Asos leather jacket, but I am a little conflicted as I'm not too sure if I would actually wear it without feeling like Fonzie's girlfriend.

It's £100, but knowing Asos it will come down in price soon. But the question is, does it work with the look I like or with the rest of my clothes?

The alternative is this jacket from New Look. I've seen the straight size ones in store and for faux leather, it's a good looking jacket. The softer style in the front might make it more wearable without feeling like an extra from Grease and at only £40, it's less of a risk that I won't wear it much.

Well, it's all theoretical at the moment, and by the time October rolls around I may have gotten over my clothing crushes. What I am learning though is that by not giving myself permission to click BUY immediately, I'm giving myself more time to actually think seriously about what I want, not just think 'but it's only £17!' without thinking do I really really want or need it?

I'm realising that I would rather buy one thing with a higher price that I will adore and wear, than five things that are cheap and I won't feel great in. My love affair with cheap clothing is ending I think (unless it's something I adore of course like this top from Forever 21 - unfortunately/fortunately not in my size!).

William Morris said once

'If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.'

So why spend money on clothes that don't make me feel completely wonderful and great, but just scratch an itch to buy?

And...why buy things that give you a tiny moment of joy, but then make you scared to look at your bank statements?

Here endth the rant ;) Anything you've seen that has made your heart beat a little faster?

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