Monday, 3 September 2012

Pattern crazy

I bought this dress a while ago from H&M because of the print alone. H&M did a boob tube, long top and this dress in this print, but none of the items came in XL sizing in store or made it onto the interweb . So, deciding that I loved the pattern I bought the long fitting maxi dress and decided I would make it work.

Due to it being very clingy and me not quite ready to show off every roll and contour, I have teamed it with my dip-hem top from Asos.

I have reservations about overly baggy clothes after a life time of being told to hide, and hiding, my size. Baggy doesn't equal looking thinner, it just makes you look like a fat person wearing something baggy. Sorry to dispel the myth.

But there was something about the cut of this top that I liked, but I've sized down to a 22 (and could have gone much lower I think). I like the fact that the dip hem means you get baggy, but not completely shapeless and it allows you to show off the clothes you have underneath.

Sandals from Ebay, as couldn't find any I liked for sale this late in the season. I don't have wide feet as such, but do struggle find sandals that will accommodate ALL of my toes, not just four. These are ideal as they have buckles everywhere! Originally from Evans, cost me £3.

my foot!
My new favourite necklace from Forever 21, which I should have worn today!


  1. Love this outfit! Those shoes were such a bargain and suit the long skirt perfectly.

  2. I really love this outfit. I'm the same with the floaty (baggy) look - I'm not trying to HIDE myself as it's impossible - I just feel more comfortable in floaty stuff!

  3. The pattern is gorgeous!! I like the baggy look too!