Thursday, 30 June 2011

Some of my favourite things...

Weirdly I have worn dresses TWICE this week. First was a maxi dress but the second was one I have had for ages and ages and hardly ever wore as it's knee length. Thanks to Primark's 3 pound leggings (size 20 fit my size 24-26 ass fine) I wore my dress to work with a wrap shrug thing that I have also had since I lived in New Zealand (both were Trademe buys - the NZ version of ebay).

Realised during the day that the dress sits a little lower than I remembered and there was a fair bit of boobyage going on.... apologies for demented expression!

After deciding I NEEDED a pair of loafers in the baddest sense possible I went and tried some on in Evans, but they were too big and wide. And then went to Dorothy Perkins and their size 8's were too small. New Look has a good selection and while I almost walked out the door with some yesterday I just wasn't that in love with them. Then I remembered that I had liked Cath Kidson trainers and maybe they would play the small role in my wardrobe - to be worn with linen trousers, jeans and beige cut off pants.

Then I went to Sainsbury's today and found these little beauties

8 pounds and 50 pence worth of cute shoe perfection!

Actually now want to wear the beige linen trousers that I usually can't think of anything to wear with. Thinking white top to complete the look. Will have to wear them to the village picnic at the Big House this weekend (how feudal is that???).

Now begins the long non-shopping July. Yicks.

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