Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Coming out

I have always wanted to start a blog but for a long time been unsure about what to blog about. Being a Mummy is nice, but I only have one child so might run out of material pretty quickly. Being a kiwi in the UK has been covered by other wonderful expats so that was a no go. Reading other fat fashion blogs, and then fat acceptance blogs inspired me to talk about what is really one of the biggest aspects of my life and gave me a focus for my ramblings.

But I've slightly struggled in telling other people what I've been blogging about. I didn't even tell my husband for a while. He has a blog too. A very technical and boring work related blog. And....well this is probably a whole another post so I'll leave it for now. It's about partners, weight and expectations.

As for friends and work colleagues - well I just haven't come out yet as a fat blogger.

Let's face it no one is going to be shocked when I come out as fat. I'm not expecting any responses like

"Oh My God, you're fat? How long have you been fat for? How old were you when you found? I mean sure I knew you liked chocolate and wore big trousers but I never guessed you were fat!!!"

It won't be a surprise. To be honest I think the fashion element of being a fat fashion(ish) blogger is the harder bit for me to admit because I don't feeeeellllll that fashionable. I'm not Anna Wintour (thank god). I wear clothes - which is a good thing- but after years of feeling like I could never find the right things to wear in my size I struggle with the idea that maybe I have finally got 'there' - the point where I look the way I want to and wear clothes that express who I am as opposed to what I could find to fit my arse.

But now I'm going to proudly say I'm Fat, I Blog and I even have photos and everything! Sometimes. Working on it ;)

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  1. see, I dont think there's anything to hide from having such a well written and fabulous blog...stand proud of the fact you're rocking it on t'internet. I however, thanks to the fact that I've linked my blog to my facebook page, have no need to come out as a blogger, as friends and family therefore read it, in case I happen to mention them!