Monday, 25 July 2011

Taking up the Challenge

The Marvellous Monkey has set herself a challenge and I have decided to take it up as well... it goes like this: Don't buy new clothes but wear the ones you have already have and feature them on the blog. Now, I can't promise EVERYTHING I wear will get a photo and a feature but it will get worn. And nothing new will get bought.

For some strange reason I am finding the idea of not looking for or buying new clothes liberating. To start this off though I went shopping! Bought black loafers and brown loafers and some very cool jewellery.

This is what I wore shopping. Simply Be jeans, Next top (with strapless bra as it has the tiniest straps in weird places) and New Look cardi. Random arm in photo belongs to Little Miss Eclectica :)

Please excuse squinty eyes and double chin. Lovely shot by husband!

Am thinking that I would like to tackle some of the widely held beliefs about fat people. I suppose the ones that come to mind is that we are all stupid, lazy, unhealthy, unhappy, single, infertile, bad parents and unloved. That might cover a few blog posts but are there any others that might be interesting to address?

The unloved, infertile and bad parent assumptions amuse me I have to say.

So apparently we are unloved and unattractive and therefore never date, get down and dirty or have relationships. But if that is the case then why would we ever get the chance to then be told that we are most likely infertile because of our huge unhealthy weight?

Which then poses the question that if we are all so infertile because we are fat, then how can we be bad parents who are exposing our children to the evils of chips and sugar and growing our own fat child army?

It is truely a mystery to me. Because I think really the reality is that we are loved and fancied and fall in love and fall out of love and fall in love with the wrong people and not with the right people. Just like thin people. And we get married or find life partners just like thin people. And some of us want and go on to have children and some of us find it harder to do that - just in fact like thin people.

And some of those children only want to eat crisps and coke and some would rather eat carrots and bananas, just like the children of thin people. Only thing is that when something goes 'wrong' in our lives thin people nod knowingly to themselves and think it is down to our weight. And that is bollocks.

Do one thing for me today: look at your reflection and think I ROCK!

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  1. Good! We can keep each other in line! :)