Friday, 28 October 2011

How Things Change

There was a very long period in my life where I felt that I didn't look the way I wanted to. This isn't directly related to how much I weighed either. It wasn't the size of me as such that didn't let me dress the way I wanted to, but more a complete lack of clothes in styles that I felt expressed who I wanted to be.

That was the big problem about living in New Zealand for me (otherwise known as the land of no fat clothes). Moving to the UK was like Charlie winning the golden ticket. All those lovely lovely clothes! Now, I know that the fat fashion industry here is far from perfect, and getting the style you want isn't as easy as one would always like, but compared to what I'm used to it's nirvana.

But now that I have access to all sorts of clothes, what look do I want to have?

And that's always been a big question for me. Who do I want to be? What do I want to look like? I've always loved minimalist looks. Black. White. Statement jewellery. Yet I love a good floral and dainty things too. I pick and choose from different shops, and different looks.

I spent some valuable thinking time deciding I needed a Statement Style. Like so many stylish people seem to have. And I got nowhere. Because everything time I thought, that's it - clean cut lines and the holy trinity of colours (black, white and beige of course), I would fall in love with some floaty patterned thing or a pink cardi. So I've given up.

Here are a couple of my latest looks.

Wearing Yours jacket, M&S skirt (love!) and white blouse. Evans boots and Primark leggings and scarf. My look for a day out in London suburbia.

Boring I know to show a top that I've worn before, but this is my surprise Evans look. Evans top, boots and Beth Ditto jeans. Me wearing boots over jeans, who would have guessed!!!

So, I think these two looks are a little different from each other. And so that is my new Statement Style. Eclectic. Imagine that? ;)

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  1. I love eclectic styling. Just whatever you feel like making out of what you have!

    Shopping at Evans would be great. I'm still wary of the exchange rate.