Friday, 18 November 2011

Things I'm coveting...

Well Christmas is drawing ever nearer and I've already done lots of shopping for Little Eclectica. Problem is all that going into shops is leading me to see things that I would like Santa to leave in my socking, not other people's!

So if I was a very good girl (no chance of that) I would like:

The entire new Big Beauty collection at La Redoute.

I love this so madly. All of it, the dress, the pants, the sequinned cardi. The skirt.

I didn't like her last collection, but this is divine!

I don't think it is available in the UK as of yet (the last one was on sale at One Stop Plus UK). Fingers crossed they sell this one too.

I don't really 'do' lace but this is the exception. And it's only £24.95. Nice work New Look.

And finally something a little different. I was in M&S buying a card for a friend, fighting my way through lots of silver shoppers when I spied the Kirsty Allsop range of products.

I want this. Ok, so I'm getting old but this beats my little tupperware pot of needles and thread hands down.

Picture won't work I'm afraid so you will have to go and look at it yourself. And Santa, if you're reading I'll be very very good I promise!

(although it's only £20 so might just be naughty and buy it myself).

Have a great one and come and tell me what you are coveting at the moment!

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  1. I am coveting lots and lots of things atm....I'm so bad at wanting stuff! But the main thing, and what I intend to blog about next, is party dresses. Now, I'm not about to go to more than,oooh, two nights out yet because its Christmas nearly, I want to have a never-ending suply of dresses and of parties to wear them at!

    I'm also lusting after loungewear, which I find hard to find decent stuff for plus size....there's a label called Lush and I really wish they made it in a plus size!

    Oh and sparkly shoes. Christmas and winter equals glittery towering heels!