Thursday, 16 February 2012

Zig Zig Dress - review

Simply Be was kind enough to send me this dress to review. I wanted a dress for work that I could wear for presentations and other worky things, but that still reflected my personality.

I fell in love with this at first sight and wore it to the Anna Scholz event at Plus London Two. It is so comfortable to wear and the belt fits (another win for Simply Be!).

The colours really pop, and while the style is very plain it works. It is dressy enough for work while not being boring workwear.

Boots from Evans, leggings from Primark and necklace ancient from New Zealand :)

My only issue with this is that it has shrunk in the wash and is now shorter than it was when I first wore it after it arrived. It wasn't hugely long in the first place, but it is now more verging on a tunic than a dress, which is a shame. It's made out of viscose and maybe the way it was cut meant that any shrinkage went upwards rather than sideways. I don't know, but it may be something to think about when you order.

Overall though, it's lovely and I feel like a star in it!!! Footnote - I mentioned the shrinking issue to Simply Be and they offered a replacement and will alert their buying team. An example of excellent customer service!


  1. you do look very nice in it....colours work well on you!

  2. What a shame about the dress!! It looks amazing - the colours a really nice but it would put me off buying it given the fact its shrunk quite considerably.

    1. yeah it is a slight shame, although I've bought a mini skirt from H&M for £3 to wear under it to lengthen it out a bit :)

  3. It's so lovely on you - such a shame about the shrinkage :0(

  4. After seeing the pic I thought I'd seen that on you before, and then I started reading and realised I was right ;). Even though it sadly has shrunk, it still looks great on you!

  5. Thanks your lovely comments, it is a lovely dress! Colours are great :)