Monday, 14 May 2012

Something borrowed, something blue (Five take: stripes)

So this week for Five take things have gone a little Monkey. I had the wonderful luck to avail myself of not only Claire's wardrobe, but also her photographer. I'm hoping these photos will inspire MY photographer to up his game!

Just to remind you, Five take is where NicoleRebeccaClaire ,Becky and I all take a theme or item of clothing and wear it in our own way.

Top - Evans 
Skirt - Asos
Belt - bespoke

I love the colour of this skirt and the combination of the different blues and the green. Was tempted to do a runner with the belt but I think Claire had me under her watchful eye ;)

So, do you like my borrowed, blue outfit? And how much fun is it playing dress-up in someone else's wardrobe!!!


  1. I love it! The only problem with someone playing dress up in your wardrobe is that they often look better than you do in your clothes. Case in point!!