Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Five take: Pastels

Not doing too well with being on time with my five take posts I'm afraid and I can't even blame being away this time :(

I spent the long long weekend doing DIY, walking and making award winning cupcakes (I have a rosette and everything although I did only come second. Next step Masterchef!)

This outfit was driven by me wanting to wear my lovely peachy necklace that I bought for about £1 from Dorothy Perkins two years ago. And then I worked out that my scarf was also the same colour, so I wore that. 

The top is sort of pastels and is new from Tescos. It was £8 and the quality is great, lovely light cotton. The fit is very basic. Not a tailored piece, but will be great with jeans and for a loose look.

The trousers are New Look (of course) and although they do look tight and very fitted here, that's just because I had just washed them. They stretch a lot during wear and end up quite baggy. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to the individual, but as someone with big legs I don't mind).

Sandals are ages old and from M&S. Really lovely bronzy gold colour and very comfy but I have fallen off them twice (once really dramatically in Boots). Luckily all the practice I received in falling from playing ice hockey for years helped and I managed to not break anything. Not a great look though and I do admit to a certain nervousness wearing them!

Does the blue and peach work? Not too sure, but it might distract from the whiteness of my arms!

Please go forth and see what the other lovely five takers wore!


  1. Such a pretty look on you! I guess we couldn't do anything but go pretty for pastels?! The necklace is lush! X

  2. I really like the outfit! The top especially. I never look at Tesco but between you and Becky, I've seen some lovely stuff!