Sunday, 16 December 2012

Trying something new...

I have seen this season's obsession with the lace dress and always thought it wasn't for me. As I don't have much chance/inclination/time/energy for going out at night for dinner and events, I thought that a dress like that wouldn't get worn much. Lace has always seemed just a little too fussy for me, and I've even avoided buying items trimmed with it (lace backs, blurgh).

So what changed my mind? Well, I've obviously been assimilated so much into English culture that I found myself wanting to buy a dress for Christmas day. I don't think this is a 'thing' in New Zealand. Usually I've only worn casual clothes, and now that I'm doing cooking type things, I've tended to go for clothes that will hide turkey gravy stains and the smeared remains of gooey chocolates.

With this in mind, I kept a look out. Now black is quite stain tolerant, so that was good idea I thought and then low and behold H&M had a sale. Did I ever mention I love H&M (she said ironically)?

The only thing is their sizing is pretty hard to predict. I'm a UK size 24-26 in most brands. In H&M I'm a 22-24 (XL) in their standard range mostly, yet don't fit their size 28 trousers. I found one dress in a 26 too tight, but others I've tried in that size were too loose.

This is a body con dress, and this had also put me off, but when it was reduced in the sale to £15, it was worth a shot I thought.

I order two sizes. This first picture is of the size 26-28 (picture taken by my three year old. Needs must).

And it's too fitting, and short. Although it did fit you could see more than anyone ever needed. My first rule of dressing is It Must Fit.

Luckily I had also ordered the size 30-32 (3xl). And this is it:

With H&M Cardigan

So, this is a better fit and longer. Worn with Evans boots and Primark necklace. I would wear with tights and heels happily too. It's really stretchy and has an exposed zip at the back. You can buy it here

Yes, it is fitting and you can see my tummy (could wear control pants I suppose, but not too bothered).  But I love the fabric, love the neckline and will happily wear it on Christmas day and feel dressed up and stain proof! Bring on the gravy, I'm ready ;)

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  1. Great dress! I love lace, and I think that dress is great for Christmas. Also, I've found H&M sizing to be really off, too, but oh well.

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