Sunday, 1 May 2011

Changing times and changing seasons

In a previous post I mentioned that in New Zealand I struggled to buy plus sized clothes I liked and that fitted - no more so when it came to trousers and jeans. Even now I think of tops as an easier buy really, more likely to fit me and less depressing to try on!

One company has almost changed that for me and it's New Look. Almost every pair of trousers I have bought from there (and that's about 5 now) have fitted perfectly. I have fat legs - many fat women don't
- but mine are unfortunately in proportion with my body and are therefore lardy. I find it hard to find styls that suit, but NL seems to add elastine to lots of their styles and they fit and stretch just slightly to hide my chubby knees and calves.

So, bought these on sale. Look brill with a skinny belt and light blue shirt from H&M (which I bought in store but have never seen on the website).

And these black satin babies are on their way to me now... thinking asos bow top or any shirt really and either ballet shoes or my gold sandals.

SO much for no shopping! But I'm over linen trousers and know that one day very soon it will be too hot for jeans (fingers crossed).

Any one else bought anything they are dying to wear???

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