Thursday, 7 July 2011

Say what?

Somehow, and I blame myself really, I am giving a workshop tomorrow to about 40 women about Living the Life they Imagined and reaching their goals.

Do you think if I said my goal was to get to a size 10  by next month they would laugh, look desperately uncomfortable or simply leave as I obviously have no idea how to reach my goals let alone help them reach theirs???

Well I won't be saying that but I do want to say somewhere - esp if there are fat women in the audience, or even just those who FEEL like their feeling about their bodies are holding them back - DO IT NOW. Don't wait to start making your dreams come true until you can fit back into your old jeans or reach some random target weight. Too often we put unnecessary restrictions on when we will allow ourselves to look for happiness, or even be happy.

So given that I am fat and going to be standing up in front of a large group of people you may think I'm nervous about being the rather large centre of attention. Actually I'm not. I am worried they will think the workshop a waste of their time and not useful but not really about what they will think of what I look like. They will probably think 'she's fat. Nice dress though' or even perhaps 'I wish I had the confidence to stand up there if I looked like her. I'm much smaller but so much more scared...'

If through my words or actions I can encourage one person to stop thinking about why their weight is holding them back and  start thinking about following their passions I will be happy!

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  1. Positive post with a great message... I hope all went well for you that they liked your dress to boot!
    I have with your permission posted your 'Fat Acceptance and Me' post on my blog... see here:

    Thank you kindly. You have a lovely writing style.