Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sorry Asos...

Well I had ordered a couple of things from the Asos sale. A dress I had loved since it appeared on the website and a top that I added to my basket as it looked different from anything that I already own and was only 8 pounds. Oh I do love a bargain.

You will be seeing photos of the top some point soon as although it is sleeveless (which I normally avoid like the plague) it's rather cool. Nice pattern and with cleavage options :) Will also go with my wide leg pants from Very that I'm struggling to find anything to wear with that I like.

The dress however was a no go as while it looks lovely on the model on me it looked like an elasticated rubbish bag. Most disappointing thing I've had from them but to be fair it was due to me not being realistic about how my body shape would suit a dress in that style.

It also had to compete against the dress I got BNWT from Ebay. It's by Next, it's also sleeveless but has ruffles on the hem. Has black in the fabric so can wear black leggings with it and am already planning my winter boot, tights and long cardi combination with it. Note lack of legs in pic. Was experimenting with putting camera on bookcase to take photos. Which is why you get lots of messy spare bedroom (it's the library, my dressing room and excess toy room) and no legs.

Go Next! 7.50 pounds!!! Cardi an old one by Monsoon. Fake Pearls Monsoon mega sale and leggings not seen by Primark.

Have a lovely week!!!


  1. you know, thats exactly why I dont do the majority of my clothes shopping online...being a clothes obsessed thing, I get excited when I see something I like, and when I order it, and when it arrives, so if it comes and the cut/style/fabric is totally different to what was pictured because they've photoshopped it to hell and just because its on a 6ft10 tall model, I get entirely upset. So I'm, equally lusting after a few things online, but I'm steeling myself for potential disappointment.

    But anywhos, you look lovely in your bargain buy, the colour really suits you!

  2. Cheers luv! The one thing that is extra good about Asos though is that you can get free delivery so at least you aren't paying anything if it isn't what you really wanted. Also around here there is one Evans which has a limited range and no H&M plus size or anything else so 'real' shopping is limited to M&S, Monsoon, Gap. Saying that though I don't mind Sainsbury's stuff when they do nice things - it's like Monsoon-lite.