Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dreams do come true!

I have new boots! The Evans ones arrived and they fit perfectly and despite the rather off putting photo (have tweeted this to Evans) they are really lovely in the flesh. Great quality leather, nice woody heel going on.

The Next ones were.... nice. Liked the extra buckle and strap details but they didn't stretch enough even with the two elastic inserts and the leather was much thinner. Seemed more like boots for a season as opposed to boots for a few seasons (after the odd bit of nugget). So so happy to finally have boots that fit my massive calves!

Now I have boots I have decided that I may need some more dresses to wear with them ;) I don't really like skirts to be honest. It is the whole skirt/top thing that gets me. I've managed the odd skirt and cardi combo but not convinced. How do I make the top suit the skirt? If one has detailing then does the other one have to be plain? Colour with black or black with black? Black and white and look like a waitress? You see my issues....

So as I said. Dresses. Lovely dresses. Loving this, really getting the 40's vibe that is big for A/W. Would have to get the red I think.

This one has been a fav of other fatashion bloggers. I have issues with knitted though, as I have two big fluffy white dogs. Not a good look with dog fur on black knitted fabrics although they fit in well with angora ;)

As for Evans, I'm in complete and total love with their embroidered kimono dress. *gurgles with desire*

When I go to the fat swap I am going to try to find some more dresses for my boots. Fingers crossed.

In other news:

- clearing out my clothes for the fat clothes swap has helped me narrow down what my personal style is. And I'm labelling it thus: simple. I don't like a lot of patterns (good bye patterns) or anything too casual (good bye brown leather jacket I never figured out how to wear). I don't do plain baggy t's (they went to charity a while back) nor do I like dressing like a sofa (big patterns and me don't work).

I like simple, classic and I do details and colour, but not a lot and I LOVE statement jewellery and scarves.

- I'm still having an inner debate about flattering vs fuck flattering. Do I think clothes need to flatter ie hide fat bodies? Do I feel better in flattering clothes? Not sure, I'm sure some of the clothes I feel the best in aren't the most flattering but there are definitely things I wouldn't wear because of my body size ... the debate continues!

- I'm currently on leave. Not, please note on holiday, as I am spending my time wallpapering and doing house things (tidying up and untangling necklaces took up one day). This is killing my blogging but will try to get better with getting some images and pics.

What is your statement style?


  1. Asos do have so really nice dresses out at the moment. Your boots will look great with dresses!

    I'm all with 'fuck flattering' but I think it has different meanings for everyone. Even though I am political, for me, it doesn't mean I feel inclined to bare my stomach, arms, boobs or any part I'm modest about.

    I don't have to show all my body to prove I don't hate it.

  2. My dreams came true when you gave that leather jacket to FSS! I LOVE IT!