Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fat Swap Shop

I had the lovely experience of going along to my very first Fat Swap Shop, organised by the brilliant Monkey. Her blog has lots of cool photos from the day (in which I look rather confused). I had a fantastic time and came away with a great big haul of clothes... so so pleased.

What was also very cool about the event is seeing clothes that I had bought and then just not been happy with, or felt they were not 'me', finding new happy owners (well, owner really as Sally seems to have walked away with most of my stuff).

I took along some dresses, leather jacket, shoes, tops and came back with three pairs of jeans, 3 tops, one jacket and three dresses - all of which look fab on me and have filled big gaps in my wardrobe. After buying my winter boots I was really looking for a black dress to wear with them - and now I have two that are just wonderful. Not sure how long it would have taken me to find them on my own through online shops, if anything as great was even still for sale.

I have already been wearing some of my finds this week, but life interfered with blogging, so here is a pic of what I am wearing today. Asos Curve top from FSS (isn't it cute?!), black wedges (thifted) and New Look jeans.

Now as I said I came away with 3 new pairs of jeans, but these aren't them. Because I had some time to kill I went to New Look on Oxford Street as they have a reasonably big Inspire section. And I tried a few pairs on. While I like buying things online I don't often buy the same item in different sizes to find the perfect fit, and I think I should do this more often. It turns out that if your jeans fall down all the time and need a belt to hold them up, it's often because they are too big. Silly me, but after my trying on session I bought these stretch jeans in a size smaller than I would usually order and they fit perfectly.

They are very similar to the Evans ones, but at £12 (yes, that's right TWELVE POUNDS) they are half the price and I like the colour more. They are bootleg and LONG. I'm 5'8 and wearing heels to stop them dragging on the ground but as I've bought them as work/nice jeans (as opposed to Mummy things jeans or dog walking jeans) then that is fine.

At FSS I found some Evans jeans in a 24 and with my new found knowledge that their 26's are actually too big for me, I nabbed them and they also fit perfectly. Hurrah!


  1. Ah my shirt looks so much better on you than it ever did on me! Thats what I love about swaps! My clothes do not go to waste. Sally really won on the swaps stakes!

  2. Love the colour of those jeans - I love a plain, dark wash - and the slight flare is really flattering!


  3. Love the outfit. Dark jeans, white top and black sandals are always in fashion!

    The swap looked so fantastic. It's great that everyone can walk away with such a booty of new to them clothes.

    I have a pair of dark wash bootlegs very similar to yours. You have reminded me I need to wear them more.

  4. I am a VERY happy swapper....I am you! I am greedy....but you look bloody lovely in that outfit!

  5. ps - you inspired me....

  6. Ah thanks all! I'm very pleassed with my haul from fatswap!!! Only problem was that outfit was the heels rubbed my feet a bit after doing lots of walking. Oh well, pain in the name of fashion!