Friday, 9 September 2011

Post in which I consider flattering fashion

If you haven't already heard Evans have now got a What's your shape app on their website which then gives you suggested options for clothing styles you may wish to try.

I say suggested options but in reality the advice is more written in the style of the 10 Commandments. I'm surprised I haven't been sent the style hints carved into slate tablets yet.

So, for me, an apparent hourglass I get told:

Get it

  • Scoop neck or deep V neck fitted tops
  • Wraparound tops to accentuate your waist
  • Pencil, bias cut or full skirts
  • Shaped, wrap or bias cut shift dress
  • Flat fronted trousers with side zips
  • Tailored shirts, jackets and coats that nip in at the waist
  • As always — good fitting underwear
  • Belts that cinch you in at the waist
  • Elegant high heels

Forget it

  • Boxy double breasted jackets
  • Straight tunics or skirts — these will hide your curves
  • Heavy stiff materials
  • High or polo necks can make your torso appear shorter
  • Smocks make you bigger than you are

Forget it? Like, what? Don't even venture into that part of the store, do not even THINK about wearing a high necked top? Move away from the smocks woman!

But what if you love smocks, or straight skirts or heavy stiff materials (*snicker*).

I'm all for fashion tips and advice, but I don't really appreciate being dictated too.

Some of the other 'shapes' even get advice about what jewellery and bags to have or not have. Feeling a bit left out on that front, how will I ever know if my earrings are a Get it or Forget it? I wonder if I can send it a photo for individual advice??? What about shoes or my watch? Is my watch making me look fat, or could it just be my size 26 arse that's doing that?

I think what they are trying to say is certain things will be more or less flattering on some body types. But that isn't really the point of fashion is it? If we all really worried about what made us look thinner or was more flattering for our bodies (regardless of size btw) we would all be wearing black bags with a permanently black background behind us.

For me the point of clothes is to make us feel GOOD. Not necessarily thinner, or with bigger boobs and a smaller tummy but just GOOD.

I reckon clothes tend to fall into any of four categories.

1. Considered unflattering and you don't feel good wearing them.
2. Considered flattering and you don't feel good wearing them.
3. Considered unflattering and you feel good wearing them.
4. Considered flattering and you  feel good wearing them.

So, which is the most important?

For me it's how I feel. So 1 is definitely a no-go, but so is 2. It can make me look as thin as it wants, but if I feel old, boring and like it's just not me I'm not going to wear it (I'm talking to you wrap dresses!).

3 and 4 are goers. And I don't think one is more important than the other. Flattering is all in the eye of the beholder. Who says I want my thighs to look thinner anyway? Or my boobs to look smaller? I happen to like my puppies and my thighs do sterling work at carrying my bum around thanks very much.

Ever been wearing something and someone has told you how good you look and you just look at them like they're made. That's something flattering but not you.

So in conclusion, ignore the rules but always always wear things that make you feel good about yourself. If the Evans app does anything positive it might inspire people to try out some new things, but if you like something WEAR IT. Even Uggs ;)

Here are somethings that are making my heart go all aflutter, and yes, they are all dresses, and trousers are probably more flattering on me BUT I DON'T CARE because dresses make me feel girly and more styly.
So there.


  1. I guess I'm probably one of the few plus size bloggers that didnt take offense to evans' campaign nor their get/forget bit. Yes, wearing what you love and feel comfortable in is always the best stratergy, but whilst we're all pretty comfortable in our shapes, alot of plus size people arent. I've managed to figure out for myself, in both reading shape advice and then trying stuff on that if I keep things simple on the bottom half, and then something more patterned on the top, I always look my best....thats not to say I dont throw the rulebook out of the window from time to time, of course.

    All those days when I look at myself and think 'this isnt working' or I get comments from my family that I'm not looking my most fierce, I'll always find that its because I'm looking a bit unbalanced cos I've got tight skinny trousers and a big top....yes, I often wear big-t-shirt and leggings combo, again, throwing said book out of window.

    For me personally, I always look better when I flatter my which I mean compliment the bits that are the best features, and keep simple the bits that arent. I really dont get the hooha...sure, the wording could be better, but dont we do the same thing with our faces? Play up eyes or lips or cheeks depending on what's our best feature? I dont see how showing off a tiny waist or fantastic legs or gorgeous shoulders is any different.

    Being someone that didnt have an innate sense of style and has to develop it, if this was when I first starting shopping at Evans, or even for most of my life as a true plus size, I'd have fallen on their feet for a bit of advice to what to plump for....I think that yes, their range does vere on the side of drab in terms of some of their stock, and the repetition of some of their stuff is a tad annoying, but there are definitely alot of good pieces in amongst the rest....

    That all aside,pearshaped me who prob shouldnt wear dresses either is very much liking the pink and the blue ones ;p

  2. I have to agree, I also really dislike the new Evans campaign. Im not gonna get on my soapbox about it because I can guarantee I'd be here all night. But lets just say, its hardly revolutionary or particularly positive!

  3. I have big thing against the term 'best features' as my mum used it all the time with me. My best feature was apparently my hair. Not really that helpful in terms of loving my body!

    Naomi, the more I think about Evans the less impressed I am with them...!!!

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