Friday, 20 January 2012

Playing Dress Up

I tend to buy most of my clothes online because it's easy and I don't have a lot of time.

Where I live there is a New Look that stocks the Inspire range, but it's a 25 minute walk away from work, which doesn't give me a huge amount of time to try many things on during my lunch hour. So when I found myself in London for a couple free hours I skipped to Oxford Street and played dress up, seeing if I could find something that took my fancy and could make the train journey home with me!

I'm a size 26 and 5'8 to give you some idea of length and fit.

This is the first thing I tried on. It's the Ponti Belted Dress and I LOVE the belt with it. The only thing that put me off buying it is the material. It's made out of a heavy polyester and I just thought I would get a little hot under the collar if I wore it during the day at work/play.

This one is a favourite of many bloggers, and I can see why. It looked good, it felt great and comfy on, it had birds and it had pockets!!! So why didn't I buy it I hear you ask? Well dear reader, I'm not sure. I think I couldn't see a place for it in my wardrobe or my life. It was too casual for work and I don't really wear dresses during my Mummy time. I may rethink and regret this decision though!

Liked this Stripey Woven Front top on the website and it was nice on (worn over the dress I wore to the shop so not the best combination!). Once again tempted but not head over heels.

This one, well, I thought in for a penny, in for a pound. The shape isn't great on me and the material is really shiny polyester. Think bad 70's nylon. Not me.

Boobies! A bit too close up I think, but this is a dress I have been tempted by on the website. This one is really a size too small, but I liked the shape and the material is like a light weight fake silk. Lovely on, but static central. Very clingy.

I would have tried on the coloured jeans that I have been admiring on the website, but they only had up to a size 20 so not a goer.

Over all I had fun and it was nice to try a range of things on and even like a few! The Inspire range has some good pieces, but the cheapness of the items is sometimes reflected in the materials used. It's nice having a clothing range that seems to have consistent sizing though, I know a 26 will fit.

So, any pieces that take your fancy or are already in your wardrobe?


  1. I'm really liking New Look atm. I find their jeans really good. I like the bird print dress on you and with a pair of boots & tights you could wear it for work (I do!).

    1. I think you are right about the dress, but I feel like I have been shopping madly lately so talked myself out of it. I was really surprised about just have good it felt on!

  2. I completely agree with Monkey that the bird dress would work for just need to up the ante on the accessories front....a necklace that means business and a blazer over the top and I think it would work!

    And my sister who's got three little ones wears dresses long as its in a cotton with a bit of lycra and you've got tights that fit, its not really any different from wearing a t-shirt and jeans....

    But New Look is doing loads of stuff I want atm, although I think I have to agree that they're definitely fast fashion and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm trying to build up that capsule wardrobe I dream of!

  3. I always dream of buying investment pieces, and at my age I probably should but I think that as a fat woman you get used to buying cheap clothes (as they are mostly the only option) so paying more than £70 pounds for something feels hard! But I want quality garments and natural fibres :(

  4. I think the swallow dress looks gorgeous on you!!! I also like the blue dress and think it looks lovely on you but if you think it will make you uncomfortable then there isn't much point. NL are doing well at the moment...probably my favourite plus-size retailer. x

    1. Thanks! they are doing well at the moment, just wish the range was stocked in a store a little closer!

  5. cute! I have the stripe one in the ponte dress and the bird dress too! I'm a little hooked on New Look :-D

    You should have got the bird one- it looks great on you!

  6. Thanks, and I know... I'm having a bit of regret about that one :(