Sunday, 25 March 2012

Five take: Casual

Five take is where NicoleRebeccaClaire ,Becky and I all take a theme or item of clothing and wear it in our own way and this week it's casual.

And I do casual lots... and lots. Very lots.

This is my look for going toddler swimming, dog walking, a bit of sitting around and cooking Sunday dinner. I would usually probably wear jeans but what with the warmer weather and my 'learning to love my legs' current project I decided to wear a skirt and leggings :)

As I was going walking, I'm also wearing Asics trainers (although I was wearing ballet flats mostly) They are fabulous and very comfortable. 

Skirt is from M&S, leggings from Primark, vest H&M, Jumper from Gap, scarf from Primark as well.


  1. Looking good Gina! loving the splash of colour with the scarf and we all know how much I love leopard print!! xx

  2. Absolutely loving your scarf.

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