Monday, 5 March 2012

Five take: Spotty

Five take is where NicoleRebeccaClaire ,Becky and I all take a theme or item of clothing and wear it in our own way and this week it's spots. 

I like spots. Polka dots are brilliant and never seem to go out of style. I loved this top when I saw it on the Next website. I ordered it in January and it arrived two weeks ago. I'm assuming it was handmade with the cotton grown especially when my order came through. Anyway, it's lovely and a really dark navy. Wish it came in red.

The jeans are beth ditto and high waisted skinnies. Still not convinced about me and skinny jeans and at the moment I tend to wear them with boots, although in summer I will brave sandals and flats with them more. 

Love red shoes!!! These are from Accessorize, although I have a horrible feeling these are going to be hideously uncomfortable to wear :( Necklace is from Warehouse I think. Ring Primark (of course).

If I look a little more rough than usual, blame my neighbours. Went out on Friday night and got plastered. Brilliant fun and two of them (rather embarrassingly) sometimes read this blog. So hi!

Do you do spots?


  1. Love this outfit, but that probably because it's something I would wear!! Looking good!! X

  2. I think you look great! I am massive fan of polka dots and red shoes :)


  3. whoot whoooo!!! This top looks fab on you!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  4. this is a really lovely look on you and I love the cute shoes. xXx

  5. As I already told you I really like this outfit! I'm so glad I forced you into those Beth Ditto jeans at FSS!! You look amazing in them!

  6. Hi =) I just came across your blog accidently today and I'm so glad I did coz I love it!!!! I think you are fabulous! And I love the way you accessorize your outfits =) And also I'm loving all the Monsoon Accessorize stuff as I work in Monsoon =)