Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fivetake: sheer

The timing of this could not be more perfect as I had just bought a sheer top from Primark. It's also dip hem, which means I now have two tops with this look (the second will be blogged soon and is from ASOS).

Now a few years ago I would never have had the courage to wear something like this, but now I am braver and a little more confident in wearing what I feel comfortable in and like as opposed to what I think a fat woman 'should' wear.

This top was perfect for working on a muggy day, and I love it! All for £5! It's a size 20 but very over sized so very roomy. Definitely one I love.

Being so keen to step away from traditional fat women's clothes, I haven't really worn anything that baggy for ages. Because this is sheer I think it's an easy step in that direction because while it's baggy, it's not hiding anything. I like, do you?

Top - Primark
Vest - H&M
Trousers - New Look
Sandals - New Look

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  1. Replies
    1. thanks, it's not my usual thing but really like it!

  2. Love it! Such an easy, breezy comfortable look, the top gives it a really trendy look though!! X x

    1. now if only the weather was warm enough to wear it again soon :(

  3. lovely top, really suits you x

  4. ps ...i've nominated / awarded you with the The Liebster Blog Award, i've loved reading your blog over the past few days of discovering it and i'm looking forward to reading more.

    come and steal the award from my page http://sheisel