Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fivetake: Belts

My usual use for belts is as hidden holder-up-of-trousers-and-jeans-because-I-buy-the-wrong-size, but I do have some that actually supposed to be for show.

As a fat woman I have steered away from the obviously belted look as I thought it would make me look fatter. And to be honest if it hadn't been for the week's fivetake, I probably would have worn this dress without it. But it looks better belted I think. It's got an elastic waist which tends to wander either too high or too low for optimal style, and the belt keeps it in place.

I was going to be wearing tan sandals with it to match the belt, but the sodding buckle on one has gone weird. Love the comfortable Cath Kidson trainers though :)

So, in conclusion - I may just start wearing belts a bit more prominently. After all I did also happen to buy this belt in black as well! Love Primark!

Dress- Asos via Claire
Shoes - Cath Kidson
Belt - Primark 
Jacket - New Look

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  1. That dress looks HEAPS better on you that it ever did on me. I'm so glad you got it. Its funny how much of my former wardrobe is worn by friends these days. I popped around to a friend's house last night and she greeted me in an old tunic of mine and then her wardrobe was full of my unwanted clothes. It means my money isn't wasted when you guys wear them!