Monday, 2 July 2012

Fivetake: thrifted festival look at last!

So here it is finally, a fivetake post. Let's just call this my thrifted look that I would wear to a festival. Let's face it, I'm old and boring and my idea of a good festival now is somewhere I can get a decent latte, talk about books and spend long afternoons drinking Pimms while my daughter plays happily. Not exactly Glastonbury or Isle of Wight. Certainly nothing with mud or any kind of inconvenience.

I have cunningly combined the two Fivetake looks that I was too lazy/disorganised/tired to do over the last two weeks. Here in the pictures below you get my wearing some thrifted clothes that I would most likely wear to a lovely booky, drinky, non-muddy festival. You want to be comfortable don't you? This outfit I wore twice over the last two weeks. Firstly to a work meeting near Somerset House, and then to Chiswick in London for a day at the park having coffee and playing Yummy Mummies. It's a hard life ;)

The dress is by Joules and is a size 18. Oh I know. I'm not an 18. No. But certain styles can fit whatever the tag may say. It was from a thrift shop and cost all of £7. Love the soft cotton and flowy look and very comfortable to wear with a vest underneath. The necklace is also thrifted. No idea of the label but was £1.50.

Sandals are sort of thrifted. My dear departed mother had bought them and they were too big and so gave them to me. They are from NZ and leather and very comfy. Leggings by Primark OF COURSE.

And the piece de resistance, the sunglasses. Free with Tatler magazine (that I must say was a very good read and didn't take itself too seriously).

So, all up my thrifted festival outfit came to £12.50 all up. Score. Well, slightly more if you include bra, vest and pants but let's not be picky shall we?

Please scroll through all the wonderful posts of the other Fivetakers to find their contributions :)

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  1. I have this dress :) Looks great on you - and I agree, very comfy!