Sunday, 24 June 2012

OSP challenge

I was lucky enough to sent trousers from OSP to review. These are something I just wouldn't think to buy. As I am very aged the last time I had any trousers anything like this it was the early 90's and I was getting down to Hammer time ;)

I have fat legs so am always cautious/nervous/shy of trying different trouser styles - just in case my legs won't fit.

I sized up on these and glad I did. These are a 30/32 but as a size 26 they fit fine on the hips (don't fall down) and are longer in the leg and looser than the size 24/26 were. I'm 5'8 so a smaller size may suit someone shorter, but they were just too cropped on me.

The overwhelming feeling I have about these is COMFORT. Oh god they comfortable. So comfortable it feels almost wrong that they are real clothes and not pj's. It's like heaven on your legs.
The pattern is cute, nice and summery without being too loud. As you can see from the pictures it sort of blends into a grey from a distance. 
I've done two looks here: casual and more dressy.
Nothing says comfort and casual than a denim jacket, Havaianas and these trousers. Plain white t for contrast and set to go. 
Jacket - New Look
Scarf - H&M
Tshirt - H&M
Shoes - Havaianas


The delay in getting this post up was my complete inability to FIND the top I wanted to wear and a black bra. We have been redecorating the top floor of our house and things have been a little bit disorganised! At last they were tracked down.

Top - OSP shirt
Sandals - Primark

In conclusion I was pleasantly surprised by these trousers, although I think they lend themselves better to a casual look than a more dressy one. Definitely high on the comfort scale!


  1. love both your looks but especially the daytime look. I know what you mean about not being able to find stuff, I just found a bra 10 months after misplacing it!

    Your legs look great!
    w x

    1. why thank you, very different style than what you went for but I think they look different but equally lovely on both of us!

  2. I'm loving your dressed down look! Really cool!

    1. thanks, I think these trousers really lend themselves to that sort of look :)

  3. I'm surprised about how much I like those pants. Especially on you! They look really modern, fresh and of course, comfy.

    I had a colourful pair in the 90's and just can't go back to patterned pants!

    1. my hammer time pants were black (a nice slimming colour I thought!), maybe my 30's is the time for the Really Colourful Trousers?

  4. I really like these trousers. What a great print!


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    2. they are quite funky aren't they? I think I will actually wear them quite a lot, more so than I first thought when they arrived to be honest!