Friday, 15 June 2012

Very quick OOTD

I really want to do more of these, but it's not always easy to get a photographer on such short notice (e.g. lever him out of bed before I go to work). I found myself in Boots however and they have lovely big mirrored columns in store. So, here you are - a picture.

I am wearing another skirt! Shock, horror! Claire and I engaged in a bit of negotiation because I had a denim jacket that I didn't love and thought would look good on her. It does. In return I became the proud owner of this skirt. It's actually a knitted thick fabric, great for summer or winter and this outfit was its first outing.

I wore it with leggings, although the length is such I wouldn't always bother. The cold meant I needed the little bit more warmth though. Under my jacket (my new denim jacket which is why the other one needed a new home) I'm wearing an H&M plain black t. I'll say it again: H&M do fab basics and size XL fits me brilliantly. Also wearing H&M scarf and my faithful black leather primark ballet flats.

I think I'm looking a bit comfy casual, and I'm looking forward to trying to style this skirt different ways. How would you style it?

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  1. The skirt looks 100x better on you than it ever did on me! Very cool! I've had to concede that pencil skirts are not really my thing :(