Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stage 2 - what do I want to look like?

So, in my last post I outlined to both myself and to you, my lovely  readers, why I need to clear out a lot of the 'stuff' I have managed to accumulate over the last few years.

Ever looked in a drawer and discovered something you completely forgot you owned but then remembered that you love? Well, if I love it so much, why the hell am I not wearing it but buying new crap instead?

So, I need a plan (although I am exhausted already thinking about it!)

1. I need to go through ALL my clothes and ask the following two questions:
  • Do I love the way I look when I am wearing it and do I feel fabulous?
  • If the answer to the above question is NO, is the item necessary for to some practical reason?
2. On the basis of my answers above, if anything gets two No's, then it's onto the next stage.

3. Items to be ejected from my wardrobe then need to be divided into
  • Charity pile
  • Try and flog it on Ebay pile
  • Swap or give to friends pile (for any forthcoming clothes swaps)
Simple eh? Argh.

At the end of this process I might have a better idea of what I actually love to wear and what I am missing from my wardrobe. Wish me luck!

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