Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kiwi trip discovery: Virtu Clothing

My trip back to New Zealand wasn't all doom and gloom, there was a brief chance for shopping in Dunedin. Last time I lived there the options extended to the five dodgy plus size items you could buy from a department store called Farmers or one or two very pricey boutique places - oh and some place I can never remember the name of because I never went in there as the awful prints and designs frightened me every time. You know the sort of plus size store, seemingly only selling clothes for the over 50+ market who apparently wants to wear polyester short sleeved shirts in a lurid pattern.

Anyway, I digress. So, things have changed. I found two stores in the new mall who cater to the larger market. One, which I think is TS14+ seems to specialise in long tops in colourful patterns at prices that made me shudder when converted into pounds. Here's a sample.  Not really my thing but it does explain why I saw most plus sized women in NZ wearing long baggy tops and three quarter trousers.

The other shop is called Virtu and is apparently the sister brand of TS14+ but aimed at the younger market. Some nice things, especially on the sale rail and my friend who lives in Dunedin said that she buys all her clothes from there. I can see why; In the limited market that is still NZ plus size fashion it's about the best I've seen that caters to youngish women. It's not Asos, but it's better than Evans.

Although I wasn't really allowed to buy anything due to no room left in my bags to take things back, I did try on and then buy what I'm wearing below. Now, when I tried it on no one said anything to be me about it being anything other than a relaxed dress. I was then rather surprised to see it advertised as a NIGHTIE on their website when I went to send a pic of it to a friend. I was in Hong Kong Airport at the time and so spent the rest of my trip thinking that all the other passengers were wondering why I was wearing my night wear on the plane!

This hasn't stopped me from wearing it to work however. Sod it, I like it, it's very comfortable and I don't wear nighties anyway (ooh err). Also bought the necklace from there too. So if you ever venture down to the Southern Hemisphere, give Virtu a look. They do international shipping as well.

Worn with H&M cardigan (size xl), Sainsbury's leggings (size 20) and white top from H&M (size xl). Dress is size M, which is around a New Zealand 20-22 (about a 24-26 UK). Boots are Evans.

Am I mad wearing it in public?


  1. I love that dress you have coordinated fabulously. When I lived in New Zealand I worked at TS14+ and shopping for plus sized clothes was a nightmare in Wellington, it was all so expensive and just not my style. Just before I left they opened up a City Chic and that was reasonably priced (still not cheap though) and had decent style x

    1. thanks for your comment, I had looked for City Chic in Dunedin but apparently the store had closed down? :(

  2. This does not look like a nightie at all, just a cute dress! Loving all the layers you have going on. :-)

  3. thanks! Layering is my friend in this current weather :(