Monday, 8 April 2013

Copycat Challenge - Breton and Burgundy

Fellow blogger and all round lovely friend Claire and I were chatting the other day about how we seemed to own many of the same clothes. This isn't surprising, after all us fatties buy from a limited pool of clothes and there are some items out there that are probably in the wardrobe of every woman over a size 18!

The challenge for us all, therefore, is making these clothes our own. This is where the Copycat Challenge comes in. Claire and I are both around the same size, although shaped differently. We have different tastes and different lifestyles, so how can we look like individuals even when wearing the same items?

First up, a breton top, denim jacket and burgundy jeans. The top and jacket are classics, the jeans a big seller from New Look last year.

Necklace and top from H&M. Brogues from Hush puppies.

Close up of "statement necklace"

and on the move... bag from Boden

Don't forget to check out how Claire has made this look a bit different, or do we look like clones? ;)


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