Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Getting my Boden on

I've been away for a long time, and apologies, but I am back! I have been doing a few new things and have one or two exciting developments to share with you :)

Anyway, to the clothes.

For a long time I've liked Boden clothes but never tried them on or ordered. They only go up to a size 22 and as a 26 I thought it wouldn't be worth a shot. Silly Gina.

This first dress the Casual Jersey Dress and  is a really lovely thick jersey fabric. Nice length and cut really well. 

This second style, the Casual Weekend Dress appealed to me because it is a dress with POCKETS. I'm all about the pockets and the casual.

Urgh, looking at these last pics I realised that I need to lose the leggings. Not a fan and just need to accept my legs! 

At around £45 these are not the cheapest dresses out there but comparable to plus size brand prices and better quality.

Would I fit into a non stretchy Size 22? Probably not but Boden seems to do enough Jersey dresses each season to keep me happy.  Try them.


  1. A friend of mine has *loads* of Boden stuff and I often sneak a peek at the catalogue that's left lying around. So much gorgeous stuff, but not sure I'd dare order anything! Having said that, you look fab so perhaps I should just bite the bullet and maybe try something off Ebay? x

  2. I've found boden to be reallt generously sized, so I'm not surprised that 22 = 26! also always loads of stuff on ebay (at least in my averagey size, not sure about the larger ones). I really love the second dress!