Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mummy days and new looks

Wow, it's been a while! Since I last blogged I had a baby boy at the beginning of March and have been on maternity leave since.

While this is paid for some part of the year you can take off, I'm now into the Very Little Money bit so had signed up to a July spending ban... which lasted until about the 3rd after I spotted a skirt on ASOS. I will show you that when it comes.

Anyway since having Baby B I have found that my body has changed quite a lot, resulting in me having to buy new clothes, mainly jeans. While jeans shopping (oh how I missed jeans while pregnant!) I discovered denim shorts. Not sure why I never had the urge to wear them much before, but this year if the temperature gets about 20 degrees I'm whipping my legs out! Life is simply too short (haha) to be hot and bothered in summer. So, here are my favourites:

These are from TU at Sainsbury's. They are a boyfriend style and lovely soft denim. Large fitting size 22. T old from Gap on the left, top on right is from H&M standard range (on sale and now sold out). Love these shorts and only £12.

These are from New Look and may still be online. To be honest I don't really like this outfit looking back. The shorts are quite baggy (they seem to have stretched after buying) and I would wear a tighter top with them next time. After wearing loose baggy clothes during the long dark years of hating my body, I now tend to prefer wearing either my top or bottom reasonably form fitting.

Vest still available from Asos and the kimono is from the Forever21 main range but sold out.

So, yup while I do have fat legs and I may be breaking every flattering fat girl dressing rule there is... I don't care.


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