Monday, 7 March 2011

At last, what I have always wanted...

apart from World Peace and a chocolate bar that never runs out... Yes, gumboots (or wellington boots to you British)!

Now for many lucky souls having a pair of wellies isn't a big deal. They go out, find some they like and buy them. For me it had turned into a rather epic adventure involving searching on the web and trying to pull on any I could find... with disappointing, sweaty and often depressing results.

When you have calves as lovely full figured curvey  fat as mine your options are limited. I didn't want to pay £75 to try out the Hunter ones that apparently have a wide slit in the side so I was swimming in the cheaper end of the market.

But as last my pain is over (as is winter too hopefully but there is always next year!) as I have just gone out and bought these little babies that fit like a dream! They are a shorter style but I'm loving the Cath Kidson look! £15 from Office. Bargain.

Anyone else been searching in vain for an item for their lovely plus sized selves? I wish you all the luck in the world!

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