Monday, 8 August 2011

10 Day Dress Challenge.

I'm wearing a dress today and it's all Monkey's fault ;) I've taken her up on her challenge to wear dresses over ten days. For more information take a looky here.

I think in reality it's supposed to be ten different dresses over 10 days. Small problem. I don't have 10 dresses as I am a tops and trousers/jeans girl because of my Horrible Legs.

I have fat legs. Very fat legs. Chubby knees and massive thighs. My calves are like the hams of a giant pork. I have no love for my legs, only a sort of depressed resignation that I will never have tanned golden pins encased in micro shorts.

It is a well acknowledged fact that I look better in trousers than in skirts or dresses. Bare legs are a no no. BUT black tights are ok and I have embraced black leggings and so, dear readers, I did recently purchase two dresses. Therefore I now own 5. But I dislike one a lot as I look like a walking sofa in it. Unfortunately this happens to be the dress I got married in (long tragic tale).

So I am faced with 10 days wearing 5 dresses. So I might cheat and include a couple of tunic tops as well as I don't work two days a week and so need something toddler friendly to wear. Or something less couch like.

Anyway today I'm wearing a dress I have worn here before. I got it from Next on sale and love it. It seems to skim my tummy and bumps and I like the floral pattern. Worn with Monsoon pearls and cardi and Primark leggings and ballet flats. The leggings are a 20 but fit fine.

One day down, 9 to go. *GULP*

Oh and if you don't already know Monkey is hosting a Fat Clothes Swap and it is going to be brilliant and all the cool kids (e.g. me) are going. Come along!


  1. I'm a big fan of leggings and dresses and I think you look great in that outfit. I think tunics can count as a dress. Like a short dress!
    I might do this challenge when it gets a bit warmer here. I think I have way more than 10 dresses!

  2. I used to have more dresses but when I made the Big Move (from New Zealand to the UK) I got rid of a lot because I didn't feel that great them. Amazing what a pair of black leggings can do to your self-confidence! Love your blog btw.

  3. Looking good! I often wear dresses and leggings and I took have calves of a rugby player! Finding winter boots is near on impossible!