Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pretty things

Another dress, another day. I decided that due to the difficulty of wearing dresses and dog walking and toddler taming I was only doing to do the dress 'thing' on workdays (currently 3 days a week). But then I wore one on a Mummy day and I was going to take a pic but then I was toddlered....

In other words one minute I was wearing a floral dress over jeans and feeling like a Yummy Mummy and the next I was covered in sauce, felt tip pen and bodily fluids (all from the top end thank goodness). So no photo of that I'm afraid.

But on Wednesday I got up and top some pictures of my work outfit. I'm wearing an Asos dress (like £2 from Ebay), scarf from Oxfam, primark leggings (of course!) and Next sandals (which after one day of agony are now comfortable to wear although I may have permanent toe scarring).

I bought this scarf as I loved it, but struggled to find anything to wear it with.

The scarf is a deeper cerise than the photos show but I love it with the navy dress. Very pretty girly for me though!

Do you have anything lurking in your wardrobe you love but can't think how to wear?


  1. I like the pink scarf with the blue dress. I got a nautical inspired red, white and navy dress today and need to find a shrug or jacket to go with it. Tricky!

  2. I had that dress and loved it, but alas it went to the great wardrobe in the sky. I really like the scarf with the dress.