Monday, 15 August 2011

Operation Tree Trunk

Evans sent me a lovely email offering me 20% off everything until the 20th of August. I have therefore decided to bring forward the start of Operation Tree Trunk - otherwise known as buying some boots!

If I was thin this would be easier. Maybe. I think that I would have pretty solid legs anyway, but as it is there is a large covering of lard and my calves are huge. Solid. Big. Not boot friendly.

I had some stretchy non-leather ones in NZ and have some microsuede ones from Wallis at the moment, but they have heels and a point toe. And I want leather riding boots God damn it!

I have narrowed my options down to two stores: Evans and Next. I know lots of people rave about Duo but according to their size chart my calves won't fit their boots (I think they are 52 cm at their widest).

Simply Be have lovely boots, but none have enough stretch to fit my calves either. Oh to be fat with thin legs *sob*

So the plan is this: over the next week or so I am going to road-test boots and share the results with you, my lovely readers, in case you too suffer from bigger than average calves.

I don't think that either Evans or Next will have the ones I want in store (certainly not Next near here) so I am going to order them in and then try them on. There will be pics!

Ok, the contenders

I want something classic, leather and black (maybe in brown too if I find the Perfect boot).

This is from Next. £82

These are great too and from Evans, but I really don't think they will fit as they have no elastic insert. Shame.

So these are the Evans ones I will try.

Not as pretty as the Next ones, but I am worried that having straps (while they look great) might defeat the point of having stretchy elastic! We are about to find out.

Anyone got any other brands I could try or just willing to wish me good luck? Really want to find some boots to love. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. I have the same problem. This year I am following Lilli's (from Frocks and Frou Frou) recommendation and getting boots from here -> The cost is worth it to save on hours of red faced angry and disappointment.

  2. I've been in the same position all my life...even when I was *much* smaller, I still couldnt get boots to fit as I've got overdeveloped calves, apparently (according to my childhood dance teacher). So when a few years back I got my first pair of boots that went somewhere vaguely near my knee, I got over-excited. However, they were slouchy, which I think helped. But I too am a lover of the riding boot look, so I'll let you do all the leg work, and I'll eagerly observe your findings!