Friday, 16 March 2012

Collection Challenge - Coach

For the last 10 years or so there has been a bag company that I have lusted over. Coach. It's an American brand and I first discovered it in New Zealand, of all places. It's designer, without being too expensive (fabric bags for around $300-400 USD). I just liked the look of them and the build quality.

I found second hand bags being sold on the New Zealand version of ebay and quickly learnt the difference between the real things and the fakes. I bought a couple second hand and loved them! I used to make a few trips through LA so would stop and drool at the Coach stores until I bought myself a lovely new Coach bag as a treat for moving across the world. Unfortunately I was being foolishly sensible and bought the smaller size than I really wanted and just haven't used it very much as small bags just aren't me :(

What I really wanted was a large Carly bag (they don't make them anymore) and eventually I did buy one (the black bag below). I have also sold a couple of others that I used to own and have a brown one floating around somewhere that I couldn't find... it's a shoulder bag in the same pattern. Sadly I don't really use them at all, as my lifestyle seems to require that I carry around a truck load of crap, and they just aren't big enough.

Coach has moved on now with their designs and collections and looking through their website I could feel myself falling in love all over again. They are now available in the UK too, at Westfield and Terminal Five in London.

The lovely leather, simple yet classic designs and sometimes quirky touches make my heart go *ping*, But, head must rule heart and I have decided that if I ever have money I will buy a Mulberry bag. Fabric and soft leather bags and childen and dogs do not mix, whereas Mulberry bags have the kind of leather that wears well with age, and looks better for a few knocks. But Coach will always have a special place in my heart.

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  1. A fantastic collection! But for me, heart always say Mulberry!