Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back in black

What is it about the weather turning colder that makes me run for the black clothes?

Saying that though, I am still a huge fan of colour and patterns so when I saw this jumper for sale at H&M I had to have it! This was the jumper that took my spending ban from two months to just over one month. Oops. But I still think it was worth it!

I know that H&M sizing is strange to say the least in their plus size range, but their straight size XL (22-24) fits me perfectly in dresses and tops. Their plus size trousers don't go near me in terms of size and their plus size tops vary in fit hugely so I'm never sure of what to buy. Also, why do you end up paying twice the price for the same item if it is plus sized compared to straight sized in an XL - basic t's being an example?

The other thing that I love about this outfit is the skirt. It is positively architectural as the material is really waxy and stiff. You may find yourself telling people to 'feel your skirt'. Well, I did anyway.

It's from Ellos from Onestopplus and while it is a little pricey for a plain skirt, I love the texture.

It is short, and I thankfully ordered two sizes as the 26 was way too tight and the 28 was a little dubious for a while. I did think about sizing up, but it stretched with wear and I've gotten used to the length. One for leggings and tights though!

So, this is me in black for autumn. Do you change your colour palette when the weather changes too?

Boots - evans
Leggings - Primark
Skirt - OSP
Top- H&M

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  1. I really like this outfit on you! The top is an excellent fit and I don't think the skirt is that short...